5 things to discuss with your financial advisor

Investing for the future and managing your wealth can feel daunting and complex. Fortunately, an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor can provide valuable insights and guidance. The team at Fincor Financial Group is here to provide that guidance and help you plan and prepare for a bright and secure future.

Here are some things you can discuss with your financial advisor.

1.  Inflation concerns

Record-high inflation rates have impacted everyone and every industry. We know that inflation has felt stressful for investors. If you have questions about it, including the current inflation rate and our predictions on the market’s future, please ask. We are here to help you understand the impact of rising inflation on your investments and offer strategies to mitigate its effects.

2.  Sustainable and responsible investing

More and more investors are interested in investing in companies prioritizing sustainability and environmental and social responsibility. Your financial advisor can advise on sustainable investing and how to incorporate it into an investment portfolio.

3.  Tax planning

Tax planning is an essential consideration for investors. Optimizing contributions into a registered retirement savings account and tax-free savings account can help you take advantage of significant tax savings. In addition, we can provide advice on tax-efficient investment strategies and other tax-planning considerations.

Our partnership with Optimize Wealth Management provides our clients access to in-house tax preparation professionals. Contact us for more information if you need help preparing your tax return.

4.  Retirement planning

If you have financial goals for retirement, your financial advisor can help you achieve them. We can provide advice on retirement savings, withdrawal strategies, tax planning, and other important considerations for retirees.

Optimize Wealth Management is one of Canada’s fast-growing investment firms, offering top performing investment portfolios designed to suit your specific situation. And our service is ongoing. You’ll receive regular updates on your assets and portfolio performance. Monitoring performance and adjusting when necessary, will ensure your investment plan brings you closer to your goals.

5.  Estate planning

Estate planning is an essential part of your retirement plan. It is important to have things in place for your loved ones should there be a life-changing event. We can advise you on wills, trusts, and other estate planning strategies. We also offer financial security plans that include life insurance, critical illness, and disability insurance plan. In addition, we have access to in-house legal professionals that can help you prepare your will. 

Remember, your financial advisor is there to help you understand financial issues and their impacts. We are experts in wealth management and understand the complex market. If you have questions or need advice on these topics or others, please contact us.