Wealth Management and Investing

Building and managing wealth

If you’re looking for a financial advisor that can help you build and manage your wealth, you’ll find one at Fincor Financial Group. We are experienced financial advisors specializing in wealth management planning, covering a range of areas. Whether you are a high net worth client who needs expert wealth management, are ready to improve your retirement savings plan, or need a better taxation strategy, we can help.

We utilize Canada’s best investment firms and products to create comprehensive investment portfolios for our clients. Your financial advisor will discuss your goals for now and for the future and create a plan to help you meet those goals. Our advice is independent, objective, and genuine.

As your financial advisor, our service to you is on-going. We will give regular updates, so you understand what is happening with assets in your portfolio. Keeping an eye on performance and adjusting when necessary will ensure your investment plan brings you closer to your goals.

Transparent wealth management

We set up most of our client’s portfolios with a fee-based approach. This method makes sure your portfolio is flexible, tax-efficient, has competitive expenses, and that all fees are completely transparent. We want to help you grow wealth, pay minimum taxes, and show you that your relationship with your financial advisor has value.

We also offer management services for corporate savings plans and investment accounts. If your business is looking for reliable financial advice and building a long-term savings strategy, we can help.

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CI Assante Wealth Management Ltd.

Fincor Wealth Planning Group has partnered with CI Assante Wealth Management as our investment dealer for Fincor Wealth Planning Group.  Founded in 1995, Assante is one of Canada’s largest firms providing wealth management solutions. Their 900 professional advisors, located in communities throughout the country, have approximately $46 billion of Canadian’s family wealth under their care.

Our investment partners also include: