What’s happening with this month’s market volatility?

Markets have had a rough start in 2022. The S&P Index has gone down 8% and the Nasdaq Composite Index 12%. The TSX Composite Index, which has held up much better, is still down 3%. What is happening?

CI Global Asset Management has provided a report on the market volatility for January 2022. In their opinion, these moves in the market are still within healthy correction after the incredible 20% plus returns for major markets last year. Fortunately, their core view coming into this year is that the economy and developed markets will remain strong and expect ongoing recovery from the pandemic.

Read the report here: https://www.cifinancial.com/content/ci-gam/ca/en/expert-insights/articles/insights-on-this-months-market-volatility-ci-global-asset-management.html